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Building a Winning Innovation Team

Today, at their first home game of the 2008 season, the Boston Red Sox will receive their rings for winning the 2007 World Series. Once thought of as underdogs, enduring an 86-year championship drought, the Sox have turned around their

$41 Worth of Influence

Today I put my influence skills to work….I fought a $41 parking ticket! I live in the city and parking tickets are a regular part of my life, something that I like to think of as a charitable contribution for

Let’s agree to disagree…

This week, when voters in 22 states cast their ballots in Presidential Primary races, they took part in what is a 230-year-old social experiment. When the framers were writing the Constitution, it was feared, amongst many people in the young

Sites we like…

“What do you want to do before you die?” If there was a top ten list of most unusual cocktail party questions, I think this would be one of them. Johnnie, Dave, Duncan and Ben, the four men behind,

Autumn Newsletter on

We’ve released our latest Barnes & Conti Newsletter. You can read it by clicking here. Articles in this installment include”The dog ate my passport” by Kim Barnes on using influence in a tough situation and “Innovation and Project Management” by